When Failure Says Hi..

when u fall onto the ground,
like very hard!
feelin lost,
and givin up,
thats our enemy called FAILURE came to say hi,
and laughing at you,

well..dont just sit there and cry!
get up,
dont look back ,
start taking a new step,
one by one,
but this time,
with more cautious,and allerts,
avoid the same slippery road,

at the end,
when you reached at your destination,
you will realised that,
if you never failed,you will never learned.

always remember my friends,
for every failure,
theres an alternative course of action,
you just have to find it,
when you come to a roadblock,
take a detour,

everytime failure says hi,
you should get up and say "bye,thanks for this lessons."